Saturday, April 30, 2016

Teaching Notes

Teaching theoretical subjects like management, Organization Behavior, Human Resource Management has been always challenging. Student believe that “hard subjects” like finance and marketing are more important than “soft subjects”—peripheral subjects OB/HR seen as a “feminine discipline”.
Meanwhile, the reality more complex and integrated– classification of OB/OT/HRM not representation of reality as their roots being different OB comes dominantly from psychology or social psychology; OT coming from sociology and anthropology or management science.
In the “Reflections of a teacher (?) Conceptual and pedagogical challenges in teaching OB/HR” by Prof. Bholanath Dutta. He talks about Challenges in teaching OB/HRM in MBA programs, Conceptual limitations, Pedagogical limitations, Alternate methods and forms, Integration and realignment and how to “being a learning self”– redefining the role of being a facilitator.