Wednesday, July 20, 2016

MGT 203: Organizational Behavior-Mid Term Exam Feedback

Tuesday, July 5, 2016
Section ‘A’
Dear Learners,
Congratulations, on completing your Organization Behavior Mid Term Exams. I went through your Answers Sheet and have finished assessing your papers. Do find the score sheet in the attachment below and collect your answer sheets from the faculty during college hours.  In overall I want to make some useful comments as a feedback that may help you all in preparing for your per-board and final exams.
·         Most of you have a good level of understanding of the OB topics however; most have failed to come up with logical and rational ideas in doing case studies. If possible I will try to incorporate a session in case analysis in future sessions.
·         You do not need to engage most of your time in ‘1’ marks question instead focus on attempting and writing high weight age questions i.e. ‘5’ marks and case study questions. I found some students writing too lengthy in low weight age questions and not at all attempting case study question due to time delay
·         Try to read question at least one; some students are focusing more in their writing outside the topics instead what the question is asking
·         While analyzing case study, you need to relate theories and concept that you have learned to case issue. Most of the students have tried to write theory and forgotten to write how it is related to case i.e. in this case with “Suresh Maharjan”.
·         Try to write your answers in point wise format, instead of focusing your writing in long paragraph and puzzling the examiner.
Note: Students unable to score a pass marks or absent in Mid-Term Examination are advised to meet the faculty as soon as possible in the college.
Happy Learning!

MGT 203: Organizational Behavior-Personality

Saturday, June 4, 2016
Dear Learners,
In our last session of Personality, we learned about determinants of Personality, Personality Theories and Personality Factors affecting OB. The classification of people into different types of personality has facilitated mangers and human resource managers to understand, predict and manage people. Likewise, personality can be both inherited (from heredity) and developed (from learning, training and experience). 
I have attached the slide on Personality along with this email please do find it. Meanwhile, if you have missed previous OB lecture notes, you can also find the entire previous upload here.
Moreover, I recommend you to have a look at this movie “12 Angry Men”. It discusses several aspects of OB topics of perception, individual and group behaviour. Have a look at it once; it’s really interesting and insightful. We can discuss about your experiences about the movie in our next class! You can find the movie here!
List of videos shown in our previous class!
Jar of Life-Motivational
Thank You
Happy Learning

MGT 203: Organizational Behavior-Learning

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dear Learners,
In today’s session we learn learning, its concept, features and theories evolving with it. Learning occurs in our everyday life. From basic skills like learning to walk in toddler to complex skills of programming in adults take place with constant practice (repetition) for a hope of positive reinforcement (rewards) or in the fear of punishment.  Meanwhile, learning should bring relatively permanent change in your behavior. You should be able to see clarity of what your behavior changed before and after learning for a longer period of time. 
Moreover, our learning is affected by several physical (Age, Intelligence, Fatigue) , psychological (Mental State)  and situational ( environmental and social) factors. In this regard there are several theories in learning classical conditioning, operand conditioning, cognitive model and social learning towards learning models. You could follow the following videos for more clarification regarding it.
Happy Learning

MGT 203: Organizational Behavior-Classwork

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dear Learners,
As you know Public Speaking is an art. It comes with lot of practice and it is equally worthy in your career in upcoming days. I have included here some links and materials in the attachments that will help you to understand and uncover the secrets of public speaking.
Meanwhile, you can also sign up a free course at Coursera taught by University of Washington. It is very interesting and worthy. If you are enthusiastic you can also join the Toastmaster Club. Here are the information’s regarding toastmaster clubs in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Thank you and Have a Happy weekend!
Best of Luck for the cricket team!
Happy Learning!